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There are a number of tools and resources available to help JPP members plan ahead and stay informed and connected. Here, you’ll find Plan information, news, forms and resources to guide you through pension life events.


Looking for self-serve options?

Your Pension Profile is a secure, online portal for all JPP members—active, deferred, pensioner and any spouse or pension partner receiving a survivor benefit. Register for an account on Your Pension Profile to access the dashboard and online tools so you can view and update your beneficiaries, address, communication preferences or retirement information. You can also securely send personal information and documents when logged in.

Annual Reports

Every year, JPP publishes an annual report detailing the previous year's financial operations. JPP's annual reports include financial statements, income statements, Plan funding, an auditor's report and a description of Plan operations.

Current Annual Report


Past Annual Reports

Committee Expenses

The Judges Pension Plan Committee is committed to transparency, good governance and fiscal responsibility. As part of that commitment, the committee will post travel, meal and hospitality expenses. These disclosures will be posted quarterly, 30 days after the end of each quarter (April 30, July 30, October 30, and January 30). Expenses will remain posted for one year.

Supporting receipts including taxes are included where applicable. Receipts are not required when an allowance is used (such as per diems and meal allowances), or for mileage and metered parking.

Note: Only expenses claimed by committee members during the period reported are posted.


  • Q1 2024 - There were no expenses for this quarter



Form TitleDescription
Confidential Medical StatementThe information on this form will assist the Judges Pension Plan in determining the degree of disability for the patient.
Designation of Beneficiary(ies) FormDesignate the beneficiary(ies) who will receive a death benefit if you die while an active or deferred member and are not survived by your pension partner.
Direct Deposit FormRequest a direct deposit for your Judges Pension Plan pension.
Disability Retirement Application and Confidential Medical StatementApply for one of two types of disability pension with the Judges Pension Plan.
Pension Partner InformationIdentify your pension partner who will receive a death benefit if you die while an active or deferred member of the Judges Pension Plan.
Retirement Application FormApply to begin receiving your Judges Pension Plan pension. 

Judges Member Handbook



The member handbook is a valuable resource for Plan information including the following: 

  • joining and leaving the Plan
  • pensionable service
  • retirement benefits
  • pension partner information
  • pension options
  • cost-of-living adjustments
  • disability benefits and pensions
  • death before or after retirement
  • administrative decision reviews

If you have questions about the information contained in the member handbook, please contact the Member Services Centre at 1-800-358-0840 or send a secure message through Your Pension Profile.