About the Judges Pension Plan

Plan Overview

The Provincial Judges and Applications Judges Registered and Unregistered Pension Plans (referred to collectively as “the Plan” or “the Judges Pension Plan”) are contributory defined benefit pension plans for provincial court Judges appointed under the Provincial Court Act and Applications Judges appointed under the Court of King’s Bench Act

Plan History

The Plan was established in 2001 with provisions retroactive to April 1, 1998, replacing the Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Pension Plan that was established September 1, 1988. Effective September 1, 2022, the name of the Plan was amended from the Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Registered and Unregistered Pension Plans to the Provincial Judges and Applications Judges Registered and Unregistered Pension Plans. Prior to September 1988, Judges and Masters in Chambers were contributing members of the Public Service Management Pension Plan. The Plan incorporates the pension recommendations arising from the 1998, 2000, 2006, 2009, 2013 and 2017 Judicial Compensation Commissions. 

Plan Governance

The President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance (the Minister) is the legal trustee for the Plan, and the Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance (the Ministry) is responsible for the management of the Plan. On behalf of the Minister, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS) is responsible for the Plan’s administration, and fund investments are managed by Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). The Plan is audited annually by the Auditor General of Alberta and actuarial valuations of the Plan are conducted at least every three years. 

Established in 2002, the Judges’ Pension Plan Advisory Committee provides advice to the Minister on the administration of the Plan. Additionally, the Judges’ Pension Plan Investment Committee was formed in 2007 to oversee the investment of the Plan’s funds. 

The Provincial Judges and Applications Judges Registered and Unregistered Pension Plans Regulation sets the Plan rules and is established pursuant to the Provincial Court Act, the Court of King’s Bench Act and the Interpretation Act.

Legal Trustee

President of the Treasury Board 
and the Minister of Finance

Management of the Plan

Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance

Plan Administration

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS)

Fund Investment

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)

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